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Hannah Thomas

Hannah is the data science lead at L3Harris ASV with expertise in machine learning and AI. She has worked in these areas across various industries, including investment banking and autonomy. Hannah has a master's degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Oxford and enjoys explaining and teaching machine learning and data science techniques in industry.


How can we trust autonomous vessels in congested water spaces?

Little more than five years ago, ‘autonomy’ meant remote-control or a simple plotted route. Skip to today: autonomy refers to a vessel’s ability to understand and react to its surrounding environment in a COLREG-aware manner. L3Harris’s Autonomous Surface Vehicle (ASV) team is developing a suite of autonomous capabilities to enable different mission types in various operational environments. This presentation will uncover the ‘autonomy toolbox’ required for safe and reliable autonomous navigation, including object identification, collision avoidance and precise line following.