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Simon Edmondson

Simon served on submarines in the Royal Navy from 1985-1996 and then went on to start and run a condition monitoring consultancy business from 1996-2003. In 2003 he joined Shell South Africa as a reliability engineer. In 2007 he relocated back to the UK and joined STASCo (Shell Trading and Shipping). He joined Shell's R&D division in Hamburg in 2013, and left Shell at the end of 2015 to start up another condition monitoring consultancy company, CMServices (Global) Ltd in the UK.


DiMOS – Digital Monitoring of Ships

With the advent of autonomous and unmanned shipping the relevance of the DiMOS project is enhanced. The DiMOS project proposes a prescriptive maintenance digital platform for condition monitoring and maintenance planning of a ship’s structure, engine machinery and auxiliary system by real-time sensor data and AI-based models to prescribe maintenance based on monitored condition and taking into account risk level, maintenance timing and associated cost. The project is scheduled to last two years and will be carried out by bringing together the combined expertise of five partners who have specialist skills in the required areas of development. The UK government body Innovate UK understands the importance of this initiative and is providing approximately £2m of grant.