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Rosalind Blazejczyk

Rosalind is a naval architect specializing in salvage, wreck removal and shipping incident investigations. She gives written and oral expert evidence in court and provides technical advice on complex and politically sensitive salvage and wreck removal operations worldwide. She is particularly experienced in dealing with seriously damaged large container vessels following grounding or collision. Ros has a strong technical background in complex hydrostatic and hydrodynamic analyses, with notable experience in offshore installations, moorings, ocean transport, motion analyses and metocean studies. She is the lead partner and developer of the MARLab data prototype hub in the UK, working with the MCA.


Navigating the right course for MASS adoption

There are currently more than 1,000 autonomous vessels operating in international waters and about 53 different organizations contributing to various regulatory groups working to help MASS coexist with manned shipping. In the past six years, remote and unmanned vessels have successfully navigated tens of thousands of incident-free operative days. Next-gen MASS is no longer a purely academic exercise. So how do we better communicate the safety and advantages of autonomous systems and grow trust among the skeptical big shipping industry? One solution is to use big data to develop a new industry-wide ecosystem where innovation can flourish.