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Kalevi Tervo

Kalevi received his DSc (Tech) degree in Control Engineering from Aalto University, Finland in 2011. He served in various positions at the university from 2005-2011, including leading a research team involved in building the first IoT systems for mobile working machines with major Finnish working machine companies. Since joining ABB in 2011, he has led R&D projects focused on increasing ship automation and performance through data analytics, optimization and control. In his current role as a corporate executive engineer, Dr Tervo leads a major R&D program aimed at efficient, sustainable and intelligent shipping.


Combining the strengths of human beings and autonomous technologies to optimize bridge operations

Today’s way of navigating still relies heavily on manual observation, interpretation of system data, assessing risks and making decisions from these. Bridge operations could be made considerably easier and safer. There are some tasks that human beings are extremely strong at, like creative problem solving in new situations, and other things that we are not so good at, like seeing through dark and fog or keeping an accurate overview when multiple things are happening at the same time. Autonomous technologies compliments human strengths very well, being less good at solving unforeseen situations, but excellent at for instance continuous wide angle observation. In ABB, we believe that combining the strengths of human beings and autonomous technologies will result in safer and more efficient operations.