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Chris Gibbs

Chris is the engineering manager for maritime surface autonomy within BAE Systems Maritime Services, focusing on the development, integration and demonstration of complex technologies to meet emerging customer needs. Over the past 15 years in the maritime defense industry, he has worked across various subsurface and ship support programs, including the implementation of digital and analytics solutions. He holds a master’s degree in engineering, as well as a post-graduate certificate in maritime security, and is a Chartered Engineer with the Institute of Mechanical Engineering.


Autonomous naval seaboats and the challenges of warship integration

The speaker will provide an overview of the BAE Systems Pacific class unmanned surface vessel program, with particular focus on the challenges of warship integration and how the company intends to transition USV technology from research and development to meaningful operational capability. Examples will be drawn from a number of naval sea trials undertaken throughout 2019, including a live firing exercise and a warship integration activity undertaken on Royal Navy frigate HMS Argyll.